GUESS AGAIN is a comedy web series that follows 3 roommates with ZERO life. Rex is a tad quicker than Rainman, Jeremy tries to manage his anger with vitamins and holistic healing and Dean is a struggling actor whose only talents are finding drama in everyday life and mixing drinks. In their mid-20s, the roommates are stuck idling in the driveway of life. Episodes are 4-8 minutes in length and are rated MA for strong language.


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DEAN - Paul Carganilla REX - Max Abrams JEREMY - Keith Toll

ashley_75x1321 mark_75x132 chloe_75x1321
KIM - Ashley Hawkins LARRY - Mark Teich LINDSEY - Chloe Corcovelos


Created by - Max Abrams, Paul Carganilla & Keith Toll
Writers -
Max Abrams, Paul Carganilla, Keith Toll, Kenny Toll & M. Keegan Uhl
Produced by -
M. Keegan Uhl & Max Abrams
Producers -
M. Keegan Uhl, Max Abrams, Giovanni Valladares, Paul Carganilla & Keith Toll
Director & Cinematographer - M. Keegan Uhl
Additional Camera Operators -
Andrew Brinkhaus, David Tayar, John Chalfant
Editors -
Tim Leavitt, M. Keegan Uhl
Assistant Editor - L. Dillon Thomas
Boom Operators - Paul Punzo, Raymond Naval, Sam June
Website Design -
Andy Sammons
Opening Music - Doug & the Mystics
Guess Again handwriting - Allison Keltner
Creative Consultant - Maliabeth Johnson

6th Man Productions - Max Abrams, Paul Carganilla, Keith Toll, Kenny Toll, M. Keegan Uhl & Giovanni Valladares

Youtube channel: youtube.com/GuessAgainSeries

Contact us @ guessagainseries@gmail.com

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Paul Carganilla - creator/actor
M. Keegan Uhl - producer/director/cinematographer
Tim Leavitt - editor
Andy Sammons - web design
Andrew Brinkhaus - additional camera operator